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The Practice of Management

The Practice of Management - Innovation is crucial to the...

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The Practice of Management Peter F. Drucker Drucker basically lays forth his theory on effective managing, which to him is a more personal form as compared to a bureaucracy. Management is a practice, not a science, and innovation plays a key part in surviving and in a company being successful or not in the long run. Goal setting is crucial to everything, and part of the manager’s job in setting these, and balancing and integrating them. MBO stands for Management by Objectives. Positive spirit in a workplace is good for productivity. Giving employbeing ees opportunities to develop managerial skills in smaller situations to prepare for future managers is important. What is the role of entrepreneurial thinking in management?
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Unformatted text preview: Innovation is crucial to the survival of a company and to satisfy the customer, which should be the firm’s main goal. How does Drucker’s concept of management and the ideal firm compare with Weber’s ideal (bureaucracy)? They are opposite in many ways. Max Weber’s ideal bureaucracy mandates an impersonal style, strict formal rules, rigid division of labor, and a clear chain of command. Drucker’s ideal is much more personal and stresses the importance of innovation. He recommends giving employees chances to manage small things to give them managerial experience where as Weber would not approve of that at all....
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