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Lecture Notes, Wk 9 - Week 9 pg. 1 The Production Process...

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Week 9 – pg. The Production Process 1. Development a. Time – the term “ Development Hell ” describes fact that most projects are not developing, but rather dying w/ time & put through numerous re-writes which disempower the author & place control of screenplay in hands of studio or producer. b. Concept i. High Concept 1. Project must be immediately accessible and easily understood. 2. Project must readily translate into visual terms. 3. Project must have synergy – intersect w/ other discourses = be merchandisable. ii. After creation of the high concept, there comes: 1. Synopsis – 25 words or less. 2. Treatment – 2-3 page summary. 3. Script – begins as a 25 page outline. Has numerous re-writes. 4. Property – now the concept belongs to someone. c. Producer’s Role i. Producer – makes script into movie. He can be independent, assigned to a project by a studio, or work for a studio to find projects. ii. Executive Producer – helps back the movie financially. 2. Pre-Production / Preparation Stage a. Time – roughly 6 months. b. Personnel i. Line Producer – schedules day-to-day activities and breaks down the production costs: 1. Above the Line Costs – costs to employ creative talent (star, producer, director, & director of photography). All negotiated. 2.
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Lecture Notes, Wk 9 - Week 9 pg. 1 The Production Process...

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