Lecture Notes, Wk 13

Lecture Notes, Wk 13 - commerce. Category collapse...

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Week 13 – pg. Genre: Part 4 The Postmodernist Period: 1977-present 1. Conditions Causes for Postmodernism in American Film a. The Postmodern Condition (1977-present) – . b. – money and technology are now widely available, so filmmakers are using them expansively. c. Youth Culture – . 2. Postmodernism a. A Periodizing Concept – Post colonial response to modernism/reaction to extension on modernism. . b. An Aesthetic Sensibility – slippery reality. i. – no respect for authenticity. No consideration of integrity. Does have great respect for technology and commerce. Relationship of world within the film. 1. Example: Beowulf does whatever the hell it wants to through ii. The Erasure of the Distinction Between High & Low Culture into a Commodity Called “Pop Culture” – Modernism brought in a high culture to film. Taking a high culture thing like a novel and put it into a musical. High and low in to this thing called pop. All about
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Unformatted text preview: commerce. Category collapse (high/low cult) Intermixing characters i.e. in pulp fiction gagsters have scholarly monologues. Loss of distinction iii. The Practice of Pastiche – imitation; the overall feeling this work is like an old work without parody. Not plagiarism, expressive design of new film. They acknowledge what they are doing. Mimics previous forms, without renewing them. Visual name dropping. Reference earlier works. iv. Nostalgia for the Past – home-sick. Back in conventional setting, character and style. Create the past from representation. ( in clothes, TV, cans, music etc) Images not itself. No invention of new. Preference for copy: lack of feeling, depthlessness. v. The Mode of Schizophrenic Experience – Self is not whole therefore work is not whole. The way you travel through film. Incoherent. 1 Week 13 – pg. vi. The Love of the Cult of Heterogeneity vii. The “Hip” Attitude 3. Implications of Postmodernism – . 2...
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Lecture Notes, Wk 13 - commerce. Category collapse...

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