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T IPS FOR S TUDYING S IEGLER ET AL . : E XAM T WO Read everything in the assigned chapters. You will be tested over the following concepts and passages. Entire passages are indicated by italics. C HAPTER S IX : Components of Language Critical periods: What are the sources of evidence supporting a critical period? Applications: Two Languages Are Better Than One Categorical perception: Eimas et al. study of young infants In what way do infants show that they are sensitive to distributional properties of speech? What are the simplification strategies that infants use in producing their first words? Syntactic bootstrapping: What is it? Can you recognize an example? Telegraphic speech: What are its characteristics? At what age do children typically use it? Theoretical Issues in Language Development: What is the modularity hypothesis? What is the interaction view’s argument against the nativist view? What is connectionism?
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