final_reviewsession - Right/Left Symmetry More room for...

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Right/Left Symmetry More room for humans to fill space with values Generally: Right=good, superior; left=bad, inferior Majority of people right-handed, closed relationship between dominance of a group and creation of social/ political values. Up/Down Asymmetry Less room for humans to create any values Upright posture: vacuum emerges—empty space which can be filled with values/culture created by humans (something which other animals do not have). Humans enjoy power of creation but creativity is limited by ground Non-dualistic nature between body/mind. Agnes (transsexual): Gender as bodily axis Knew that she was female, had to do what she could to make her biological sex match up with her gender. Challenging the fact that standard definitions of sex are determined at birth. Learned to be female and operate as female. Sex and gender as axis of direction- Agnes shows us that gender can also be understood as space of choice; line between genders is relative and potentially changing; line between biological and cultural is flexible/relative Adam and Eve- in building concept of selfhood, gain moral consciousness-ascent Inversion of herself- self-authorship- comes from constant changing of self being built, never quite stable
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final_reviewsession - Right/Left Symmetry More room for...

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