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Prehistory - ART HIST 151 Prehistory 35,000-1500 BCE The...

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ART HIST 151 8/23/06 Prehistory – 35,000-1500 BCE The Woman of Willendorf (aka Venus of Willendorf) Limestone Carved completely in the round Very small No face… represents the idea of a woman Small arms accentuate large breast Pregnant-like belly prominent Genitalia emphasized Face, arms, legs suppressed Emphasizes reproductive role of women Spheres very prominent everywhere Bison with turned head Carved from reindeer horn Only meant to be viewed from front angle Low relief sculpture Emphasis on horn, shoulders Head much larger than body Feet, legs deemphasized Naturalistic head, stylistic beard Totem
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ART HIST 151 8/23/06 Cave of Lascaux Discovered in 1940 Discovered by boy chasing dog 600 wall paintings that survive Over 1500 carvings Paintings span over 1000 years Paintings overlap one another Palette limited to minerals available (black, yellowish-gold, red, white) Lots of wood debris found in caves
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