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2 kinds of selfhood: self-affirming vs. reactionary Nihilism = having a goal towards nothingness poisonous sense of life life itself is bad, evil a morality about death about self-hatred/condemnation relationship between creditor and debtor = contractual feeling of guilt originates from this relationship Guilt = bad conscience, he depreciates himself. He turns against his natural self, becomes full of hatred, becomes moral self, denies things instead of taking pleasure because of internalization. Eve represents internality. Internalizing soul grows Instincts are not expressed, so you can turn them on yourself, i.e. cruelty and hatred. Guilt, duty – turns into penance, but debt can never really be paid off. Life = Life Eternal life = a deception Christianity’s stroke of genius = God sacrificing himself for man’s guilt, on basis of love. Man reinterprets instincts as guilt against God.
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Unformatted text preview: Will of man to find himself guilty no way to repent. Asceticism = negation/denial of self to live eternally Life is turned against itself = an effort to take control over life = trying to get to tree of life. Only through death is there eternal life goal of life = death. Nazi’s death camps = philosophy of death Ascetic life = a self-contradiction Wants to be lord over life itself Pleasure sought in “un-selfing” = a will to nothingness = aversion of life But the perverse will - man would much rather will nothingness than not will. This is a response to meaninglessness. Man is bothered that he suffers Human beings have problems accepting this – they invent figure of God, who has a plan. Suffer, to attain eternal life Theodicy = explains suffering Nietzsche he should take life as it’s given....
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