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HDF Exam 1 Review Sheet - HDF Exam 1 Review Sheet...

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HDF Exam 1 Review Sheet Attraction 1. Fundamental assumption of attraction: We are attracted to those whose presence is rewarding to us. Two basic reward types influence attraction. 2. Two types of awards influence attraction. a. Direct Rewards i. Refer to all positive consequences we obtain from being with someone. E.g.: attention, interest, approval b. Indirect Rewards i. Attraction by association (misattribution of arousal). ii. Emotional tone of surrounding situation. iii. Strong emotions can be relabeled as attraction if an acceptable object is present. E.g: Dutton and Aron (Shaky Bridge), Thematic Apperception Test. 3. Distinguish between two types of rewards with examples. 4. Attraction by association means: 5. Circumstances for attraction by association: 6. Basic route of attraction: Proximity a. Convenience b. Easier to enjoy rewards c. E.g: long distance relationships 7.Frestinger, Schachter, and Back study of student apartment: I. Demonstrated people are more likely to be friends if they liver closer, b/c of convenience, etc. II. Conducted study by seeing the percentage who would be friends by number of doors away (square feet). 8. Proximity affects attraction: our friendships and romances grow out of interactions with those who are nearby. Affects long distance relationships: will be fine as long as see each other once a month. 9. Proximity leading to familiarity: proximity brings people together, become familiar with them, repeated contact increases liking. Importance of mere exposure. 10. Mere exposure: I. Like people whose faces we recognize II. Repeated contact increases liking 11. Moreland and Beach Study: Conducted in classrooms. Had women sit for different amount of time in classrooms, showed faces to see who was more well liked. a) More familiar women rated more attractive b) Were liked better. 12. Proximity and Familiarity: I. Can be bad: Too much of a good thing. a) Overexposure is different then familiarity b) Proximity accentuates our feelings about others.
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13. First thing we notice in presence of potential partner: Physical Attractiveness 14. Bias for beauty: A. Stereotype: Beautiful = Good B. Not always good: There are downsides: e.g.: more promiscuous 15. Pretty: The eyes of the beholder? A. People agree more than disagree B. Babies prefer more attractive/symmetrical faces C. Women find attractive: cyclical 16. Factors Influence Judgments of Attractiveness: A. Female Menstrual Cycles: i. Ovulating: More masculine, rugged features ii. Not: more boyish, youthful features B. Average/Symmetrical Faces: C. Waist to hip Ratios: 0.7 i. Males>SHR, Females <WHR reported sexual intercourse at an earlier age, more sexual partners, more extra pair copulations, and having engaged in more instances of intercourse with people who were involved in another relationship. D. Smell:
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HDF Exam 1 Review Sheet - HDF Exam 1 Review Sheet...

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