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anth101 0206 - For exam: tell characteristics of cultures...

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For exam: tell characteristics of cultures and stuff, perspectives, biocultural perspective, holistic perspective, paradigm science, humanistic paradigm, what they involve; examples are useful to help us understand but we should know fundamental concepts Holistic Explanation and Understanding Irish Diaspora is 19 th century phenomena Anthropology: anthropologists are concerned about people, how they see world and understand it, their societies, we can figure out how and why things became the way they are People are the focus of our studies: their lives, history, societies, how they saw and understood the world We want to know how Diaspora impacted people Relativism and reflexivity Cultural relativism and understanding Emid perspective: world by their perspective; how things impact them and how and why they choose to do what they do; we must overcome our biases and try and see the world as they see it Interpretation Frameworks of understanding Look at both biology and culture Combine etic and emic perspective Strive for explanation and understanding Combine scientific explanation of cause and consequence and emic perspective of meaning Diaspora: dispersing of local or ethnic populations from traditional homelands Cultural and biological consequences of dispersal Biological consequences of diasporas Increases biological diversity; gene flow Decreased inter-regional biological differences May reduce diversity of homeland Chinese diaspora made people of the world more like Chinese Cultural consequences of diasporas Increased local cultural diversity: food, words
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anth101 0206 - For exam: tell characteristics of cultures...

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