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Key Terms Exam 2 - Key Terms Exam#2"Masculinity Men's...

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Key Terms - Exam #2 Reading: Sabo- “Masculinity & Men’s Health” 1. What masculine characteristics are associated with specific behaviors that lead to poor health outcomes? (Come up with examples of characteristic, behavior, outcome) 2. What groups of men are at heightened risk of poor health outcomes and why? Men’s life expectancy was decreased by increasing mortality from coronay diseaese and lung cancer that were a direct result of cigarette smoking. 1.Competing masculitnites for dominance in different groups of men belonging to different categories. 2.ADOLESCENCE: 1. Drinking and use of street drug 1. Being sexually active in adolescent stage (high risk of HIV) 1. Early death by homicide or accident Obesity at the adolescent stage puts men at risk for coronary heart disease, diabetes, joint disease, and certain cancers 2. CULTURE: Work in environment that exposes them to toxic substances Cultural barriers can complicate things like access to better health care facilities 1. Homicide was a large part in decrease in male African American population 2. GAY and BISEXUAL: Many Healthcare providers have a mixed homophobic attitude towards these men People in this group who are in closet, anxiety and stress can tax emotional and physical health Losing health care insurance if their sexual orientation is known High risk of getting STD’s 1. Real men are taught to suppress their emotions which ca lead to a speration of sexfrom feeling 2. ATHLETES: 1. In traditional sports there has been a tendancy to glorify pain and injury to inflict on others 1. The “no pain-no gain” philosophy rooted in cultural equations between masculinity and sports jeopardizes health of the athletes How do the health risks groups of men face affect women? High Sexual activity in the adolescent stage puts men at a risk of higher STD’s, this also directly affects women Homicide is the leading cause of death among Af-Am males, this indirectly affects the health of the women since they have to suffer the phyiscal and mental stress of practically carrying the family on their shouldersby themselves without the aid of an adult
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Prison Inmates after completing their sentence (possibly carrying STD’s ) are exposed to many drug related activites that have a serious negative effect on their spouses. Handout - Assessing the validity of conclusions about men’s health Reading: Steinem - “If Men Could Menstruate” What is Steinem’s major argument and why does she make it? Her major argument in her article is concerning how men have spent centuries conning us into thinking whatever characteristics men possess to have are always better than that of the characteristics of powerless women and that logic has nothing to do with it. She explains this by giving the example if men would menstruate instead of women, it would have thought to be more masculine and boastworthy.
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Key Terms Exam 2 - Key Terms Exam#2"Masculinity Men's...

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