Vocabulary - Vocabulary: Exam One allegory-parable, fable...

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Vocabulary: Exam One allegory-parable, fable metaphor symbol story amphitheatre - Anarchic comedy-chaotic lawless disordered radical revolutionary rebellious comedy- Apollo- in Greek mythology, the god of prophecy, sunlight, music, and healing, also worshiped by the Romans Aristotle- aside- whisper mumbled remark autos sacramentales- blank verse- carros- catharsis- an experience or feeling of spiritual release and purification brought about by an intense emotional experience. theater according to Aristotle, a purifying of the emotions that is brought about in the audience of a tragic drama through the evocation of intense fear and pity. psychiatry the process of bringing to the surface repressed emotions, complexes, and feelings in an effort to identify and relieve them, or the result of this process City Dionysia climactic structure- collaboration- comedia- comedy of manners- corrales- Dionysus- in Greek mythology, god of wine and vegetation, who showed mortals how to cultivate grapevines and make wine. A son of Zeus, Dionysus is usually characterized in one of two ways. As the god of vegetation—specifically of the fruit of the trees—he is often represented on Attic vases with a drinking horn and vine branches. He eventually became the popular Greek god of wine and cheer, and wine miracles were reputedly performed at certain of his festivals. Dionysus is also characterized as a deity whose mysteries inspired
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Vocabulary - Vocabulary: Exam One allegory-parable, fable...

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