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122.(a) Sketch on the cross section of the Earth provided the paths of body waves and surface waves from thesource region of an earthquake to a point on Earth’s surface about 90 degrees away from the epicentre wherea seismograph records the incoming wave energy.Label the epicentrre, hypocentre, focus, surface waves, P-waves and S- waves.(b) Sketch the seismogram recorded at the seismograph showing the arrivals of the P, Sand surface waves.( c) Which of these wave arrivals causes the most damage to buildings?(8 marks)(a)Cross-section(b)Seismogram( c) Most damaging: ____________________________________________________3.Name the four Jovian Planets in order of decreasing size.Which of these has the lowest density? Circle the letter beside the most correctanswer.Each answer is worth 1 mark. 1.Mid Ocean Ridges:=> (a) form the largest mountain chain on Earth(b) result from basaltic volcanism(c) are produced by intense seismic activity along the plate boundary(d) rise 1 to 2 km above the normal ocean floor(e) all of the above.2.An elastic material:(a) Behaves viscously on long time scales but elastically on short time scales=> (b) Experiences no net displacement of internal particles once a stretching force is removed(c) Experiences no net displacement of internal particles when a deforming force is applied(d) Experiences no displacement of internal particles within broken fragments.3.The distance from the Sun to the nearest star is:(a) 1011km(b) 1022km(c) 4.6 x 109km=> (d) 4 x 1013km(e) 150 x 108km.4.The number of stars in a typical galaxy like the Milky Way is:=> (a) 1011(b) 1022(c) 4.6 x 109(d) 4 x 1013(e) 150 x 108.5.Evidence for an early period of intense cratering on Earth comes from:(a) the
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