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1.The two carrier frequencies transmitted by GPS satellites are:(a) Pseudo Random Number sequences(b) AM and FM(c) 1575 MHz and 1228 MHz(d) 1528 MHz and 1275MHz(e) 1645 MHz and 1445 MHZ2.Examples of dip-slip faults are:(a) Transform faultsx(b) Normal and thrust faults(c) Normal and transform faultsx(d) Transcurrent faults(e) Strike-slip faults with no-vertical dip angles.x3.An earthquake with a Richter magnitude of 7.3 has more energy than a magnitude 5.3earthquake by a factor of:(a) 2.0(b) 3.0(c) 200(d) 300(e) 1000True or False questions1.VLBI measurements rely on clocks with an accuracy of a few picosecondsTF2.Earth’s dipole magnetic field has a north pole in the southern hemisphereof the planet.TF3.The most accurate method of measuring plate motions uses GPS satellites.TF 26. The mass of the Sun is greater than the mass of Earthby a factor of:a. 10,000b. 33,000c. 100,000d. 330,000e. 1,000,000.27. The distance from the Sun to its nearest neighbouringstar, Proxima Centauri, is:a. 4.27 light yearsb. 7,000 AUc. 1.30 light yearsd. 10 billion kme. 1.3 million light years.28. At Earth’s surface the geomagnetic field looks like amagnetic dipole:a. aligned precisely with the Earth’s rotation axisb. reversed from a normal orientation due to periodicreversalsc. whose north pole coincides with the geographic southpoled. which is tilted relative to the rotation axis by 11 degreese. whose south pole lies at a latitude 29. The accuracy of VLBI baseline measurements dependscritically on precision timing.
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