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Notes 10-15-07 UN Peacekeeping o Maintains peace once hostilities have ended o Argument that peacekeeping missions are outdated, don’t work today (Roberts) o Total Peacekeeping missions: 61 operations, ~2400 deaths since 1948 18 active missions About 100,000 troops under its control $5.5 billion – cost for all missions o Total Peacebuilding operations: 11 peace-building ops, 3200 personnel, Many have been successful o How effective is intervention? Assessments depend on goal of intervention Dobbins – looks at nation-building missions Using armed force in the aftermath of a crisis to promote transition to democracy UN model: “Small footprint” (less money and troops) US model: “supersized” – more troops and money Dobbins concludes that UN has been more successful o But his conclusions are faulty because cases aren’t all comparable o When should intervention occur?
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Unformatted text preview: What’s feasible? Sovereignty question – • Tensions between sovereign and human rights Duties Key Value When can states intervene? Skeptic none national interest (national boundaries have no moral value--> can do anything you need to do) Whenever it is prudent to do so Realist minimal order Whenever intervening will restore the balance of power State-Moralist limited self-determination (national borders do have moral value) Only to preserve self-determination and prevent gross crimes Cosmopolitan large justice (national boundaries do not have moral value) In order to create a more just treatment of persons o UN Peacekeepers must be authorized by host gov. o 20 th century – growing importance of humanitarian intervention (as opposed to balance of power intervention) BUT a reluctance to intervene...
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Notes - What’s feasible Sovereignty question – •...

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