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Notes - Israel Egypt Promote “transformational...

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Notes 12/3/07 Foreign Aid o UN millennium goals - .7 percent of GDP should go to foreign aid But only Scandinavian countries, Luxembourg, Sweden have More money can make a significant difference To .5% of GDP But opposition says financial aid doesn’t work There is little direct relationship between the amount of foreign aid and the rate of economic growth o In 2006, OECD spent $103.9 billion combined on development assistance - .3% of members’ GDP In contrast, US defense budget (excluding Iraq and Afghanistan): $439 billion o There was a general decline in foreign aid spending in the 1990s Result of the end of Cold War US foreign aid hit an all time low in mid 90s; has increased since but still stands at less than .2% of GNP This is small relative to Cold War amounts of foreign aid; relative to some other nations and relative to what citizens think aid spending is o Goals of US Foreign Aid (According to Bush) Support of US geo-strategic goals (i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,
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Unformatted text preview: Israel, Egypt) Promote “transformational development” (e.g. good governance) Strengthen fragile states (aka “failed states”) Humanitarian assistance Global health crises: HIV/AIDS (Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya) o Bilateral trade - 35% of foreign aid o Millennium Challenge Corporation (Bush administration, 2004) Focuses US aid in a few countries that have “demonstrated a strong commitment to political, economic and social reforms” 24 countries now deemed eligible, based on income (lower and middle income) as well as performance on 17 indicators • i.e. Armenia, Georgia, Honduras, Jordan, Nicaragua Global AIDS Initiative: launched in 2004, 5 year, $15 billion effort o A large portion of US foreign aid goes to the top 5 or 10 recipient nations o Foreign Aid is largely a political tool • The Future of IR o To what extent do the main assumptions and concepts of IR remain relevant in today’s world?...
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Notes - Israel Egypt Promote “transformational...

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