Notes - Israel, Egypt) Promote transformational development...

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Notes 12/3/07 Foreign Aid o UN millennium goals - .7 percent of GDP should go to foreign aid But only Scandinavian countries, Luxembourg, Sweden have More money can make a significant difference To .5% of GDP But opposition says financial aid doesn’t work There is little direct relationship between the amount of foreign aid and the rate of economic growth o In 2006, OECD spent $103.9 billion combined on development assistance - .3% of members’ GDP In contrast, US defense budget (excluding Iraq and Afghanistan): $439 billion o There was a general decline in foreign aid spending in the 1990s Result of the end of Cold War US foreign aid hit an all time low in mid 90s; has increased since but still stands at less than .2% of GNP This is small relative to Cold War amounts of foreign aid; relative to some other nations and relative to what citizens think aid spending is o Goals of US Foreign Aid (According to Bush) Support of US geo-strategic goals (i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,
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Unformatted text preview: Israel, Egypt) Promote transformational development (e.g. good governance) Strengthen fragile states (aka failed states) Humanitarian assistance Global health crises: HIV/AIDS (Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya) o Bilateral trade - 35% of foreign aid o Millennium Challenge Corporation (Bush administration, 2004) Focuses US aid in a few countries that have demonstrated a strong commitment to political, economic and social reforms 24 countries now deemed eligible, based on income (lower and middle income) as well as performance on 17 indicators i.e. Armenia, Georgia, Honduras, Jordan, Nicaragua Global AIDS Initiative: launched in 2004, 5 year, $15 billion effort o A large portion of US foreign aid goes to the top 5 or 10 recipient nations o Foreign Aid is largely a political tool The Future of IR o To what extent do the main assumptions and concepts of IR remain relevant in todays world?...
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Notes - Israel, Egypt) Promote transformational development...

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