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Anastasia Kingsborough Dr. Brown Telling Truths, Telling Tales 28 October 2017 Personal Essay People relate sadness and tears to rain, and a lot of people say “it can’t rain all the time.” But what they don’t realize is that it doesn’t have to rain all the time. Sometimes all it takes is a gust of wind and the slightest shower to come along and shrivel up the flowers in your garden. But all you can do is wait for them to re-grow, until the next storm comes along and destroys them once again. So what they don’t see is that, even though “it can’t rain all the time,” the rain will always come and go. It was Christmas time of my freshman year when the hurricane hit--a time where families are supposed to come together, not fall apart. I should have known better than to think that this time would be any different. But I’m prone to wishful thinking and time after time I continue to get my hopes up, because just like any other daughter, I’d hoped that you would have changed. I spent days calling and texting your phone while you claimed to be “working” as the date drew closer to that Merry day. You kept promising me that you’d be home the next day, but again, I should have known better. Eventually, you decided to grace us with your presence on that foresaken Christmas Eve and I began to think that maybe you had good intentions after all. No one would have ever guessed that you had plans to leave us estranged. You seemed normal, despite your pacing in and out of the house, feeding your deadly cigarette habit. We ate a hearty breakfast, sat around and opened presents, and you even bothered to join us for our typical family feast. For the first time in a while, between all the absent holidays, it finally felt like this
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family was whole again--like the normalcy had returned. But you blew it, dad. You disappeared like a thief into the night, leaving your family all alone. I woke up the next morning and you
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