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Anastasia Kingsborough Eng 167 Dr. Brown 13 November 2017 Up’s and Down’s My dad is a hard working man with curly, brown hair--just like me. We share a lot of the same attributes, in fact I’d say we’re almost a carbon copy of each other. At a young age, I started experiencing motor tics and found out that I have Tourettes Syndrome, just like my dad. Towards the end of sixth grade, I suffered from mood swings and depression that created a mess inside my head, which was later diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder type two, just like my dad. The latter of those two illnesses served as the catalyst for my family. Manic episodes are frightening, because they make you feel like you have so much control--but none, at the same time. During these episodes my dad’s hobbies consisted of doing drugs and gambling. It wasn’t unusual for my dad to go to “work” for long periods of time. His job requires him to travel to different sites around the country, but worry would set in when he would shut off his phone and stay longer than he was supposed to. The day’s that my dad would get paid we’re often the worst. These were commonly the times that he would disappear without say and come back home in a few days--or weeks--with shriveled hair, blood shot eyes, and no money. His episodes typically took him away during the times that mattered the most to me--my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving--the times where families are supposed to be together. At first it hurt when he left, but the more he kept doing it, the more it just felt like any normal occurrence. Despite these up’s and down’s, I always knew my dad would come back after these episodes
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subsided, and even during them he still attempted to contact me.
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