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Shawna Rose Brown Professor Sean Eversley-Bradwell Introduction to African Diaspora March 20, 2008 Response 6 I thought Reversing Sail was a great overview of all the issues that surround Black history. He nailed down the key points that are important to Black history and the African Diaspora: the roots of African culture, The Transatlantic Slave Trade, slavery and the Civil Rights movement. A lot of history classes pick one or several of these aspects to study and leave other aspects out, but that is like reading a book starting with chapter five. You end up missing what really happened, and you don’t really understand how everything has unfolded. Gomez did a great job of over viewing everything that is important to Black history in a factual, not overbearing way. I also really liked some of the chapter titles. I loved that chapter six is called “The Right to Be”. When we study Black history, I think a lot of students begin to think of Blacks as subjects of history, instead of as people who participated and who were affected by history. This
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response 6 - Shawna Rose Brown Professor Sean...

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