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evaluation 2 of living simply - Kevin Hayes Section 92...

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Kevin Hayes Word Count: 1035 Section 92 February 19, 2006 Living Simply or Simply Ineffective? As our society becomes more technologically dependent and thus faster-paced the need to sometimes slow ourselves down also arises. Today people find many ways to relax themselves and relieve their stress through many activities, such as yoga, dancing, music, praying or meditation. Janet Luhr’s, “Guide to Living Simply”, is a book that teaches how to live simply with the goal that ones life will be relieved of stress and will be more deeper and full of meaning. “Living Simply”, while having a good and very valuable message, is an ineffective article because it takes too long to explain a simple point, and makes generalizations about people that are not always true. One thing an article must be to effectively reach an audience, is short enough that the reader will actually finish it without losing interest. “Short and sweet” as they say, is often the way to go when trying to make a point. Jane Luhr’s article was very sweet… for the first 2 pages. However, for the 5 pages after that, her point was lost amongst the small stories, unnecessary explanations, and various repetitions. Just one example of something unnecessary, was when Janet writes “…. you are fully aware of the yin and yang trade-offs involved. (Yin and yang is a Chinese phrase that means opposites. Often this means that any choice has opposite effects-one positive, one negative)”(Luhr 15). Yin and yang is an expression that most people
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evaluation 2 of living simply - Kevin Hayes Section 92...

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