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Federalist 51 - Brittany Lara Federalist#51 The problem...

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Brittany Lara Federalist #51 The problem: Factionalism; The separation of powers among government. Madison is saying that he wants the powers within the government system to be separate and exercised equally. He also says that certain people will fall into certain groups and that will raise the effects of factionalism. Another problem is that Madison wanted to set up checks and balances while also holding on the separation of powers within national government to minimize tyranny of the majority. The Solution: One of the solutions to the problem was that Madison wanted to create a central institution where all powers can be used equally. What Madison came up with was that he could create checks and balances. There is also the concept that each “department should have a will of its own.” Keeping powers in their proper place would allow the government to function as Madison sees fit. He wanted to use a Republic to have a lot of  are many group interests.  The Logic: The logic behind the federalist 51 is that Madison knows, factionalism cannot be contained,
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