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diversity - Student 000752031 Diversity can be defined as...

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Student # 000752031 Diversity can be defined as the variety of ethnic, gender, or socioeconomic traits within a group of people. Diversity contributes to our everyday lives socially, politically, and economically through various channels. These include, but are not limited to religion, morals, cultures, and communications. Nationally, there is much we can learn about ourselves and our fellow man by observing the lifestyles of those who are different than us. We can do this on a national or global basis. Nationally, by following the current presidential race we can see the various political opinions of people from different states by the way they vote in their respective primaries. People’s identification with a particular candidate depends heavily on their ethnic background. This type of diversity makes democracy a necessity. Globally, we can observe the impact that diverse cultures and lifestyles have on neighboring nations. As Americans we have been heavily influenced by foreign nations through our food and entertainment. For example, we have borrowed gyros from the Greeks and Guiness
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