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AP summer work2 - AP World History Summer Information...

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AP World History Summer Information 2014-2015 Welcome to AP World History! Course Description: AP World History is a high school equivalent of an introductory level college course. It introduces students to the cultural, economic, political and social developments that played a fundamental role in shaping the world in which we live. Primary sources, college-level textbooks, outside readings, lecture, discussion, and projects will be used to develop an understanding of world history. Analytical thinking and writing skills will be stressed. Students will complete mandatory work during the summer prior to their sophomore year that will include reading and writing assignments. Students will be required to take the AP World History exam in May and the NYS Regents exam in Global History and Geography in June. Summer Assignments Read chapter 1 from the Bulliet textbook: o Create a set of bulleted, detailed notes with the essential information (an example from chapter 8 is attached).
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