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Roman Notes 5 - Roman Notes 5 Cursus honorum"course...

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Roman Notes 5 1/23/08 Cursus honorum “course” or “progress” or “honors” Upward ladder of honors/office o An elimination process Originally 10 years of military service were required o By 2 nd century, probably less amount, but still had to serve Quaestor – get in to senate after your term by Censor o Censor would keep you in the senate if you behaved o Could be a senator for life o Minimum age of 30 Praetor o Next level after Queastor and then getting into the senate o Before, however, you would want to be an Aedile or Tribune Consul o Minimum age of 42 o Competition that is closed – must have been a Praetor prior to this o Only position that you would really want to hold twice, top honors Censor o Could also stand for Censor instead of Consul o Best way is an ex-consul Not expected to hold offices more that once (and definitely not the next year) o But can hold offices more than once (Consul the only likely one) Mid 2 nd century – rule: could stand for consulship again, but there must be a 10 year gap Senate and Senators In practice there were about 300 senators (roughly) The role is reviewed by the censors every 5 years o Censors could kick out misbehaving senators and replace them o Ranked the senators o Princeps senatus – top senator Ranking by positions they’ve held Functions: there to give advice under the king and retained this function under the republic o
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Roman Notes 5 - Roman Notes 5 Cursus honorum"course...

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