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roman women notes - Imperial Women Six vestal virgins Wives...

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The Roman Family The pater familias technically had the power of life and death over his family, which included his wife (uxor), children, slaves, and any other living under his protection Horatia was killed by her brother. Her father, the pater familias, said that he would have if her brother had not. The res publica came before anything else! When women were married, they came with a dowry to support them. They were then a matrona – a married woman. They could divorce their husband very easily. In cases of divorce, children stayed with the husband – the property and dowry went back with the woman. Women in the public sphere Vestal virins Patronesses of clubs, buildings, and religious feasts The wives of the flamen dialis and pontifex maximus Elite women (wives of senators, wealthy equites)
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Unformatted text preview: Imperial Women Six vestal virgins Wives of prominent religious figures hosted feasts, participated in processions, and attended games as well. Noble women were often priestesses, such as Eumachia apriestess from Pompeii and a patroness of a collegium (club). She was a prominent woman in the community. Julian Marriage Laws-18/17 B.C. Proposed by the emperor Augustus.-Promoted the sanctity of marriage and the importance of children to the health of Rome-Penalties against bachelors-Senators not allowed to marry unsavory women such as prostitutes and freedwomen.-Penalties against adultery-Benefits for having kids-Ara Pacis (Altar of Peace) depicts the importance of families an altar commissioned by Augustus and shows his social program...
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roman women notes - Imperial Women Six vestal virgins Wives...

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