Roman History Notes 3

Roman History Notes 3 - Roman History Notes 3 BGT pp 40-51...

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Roman History Notes 3 1/16/08 BGT pp. 40-51 and 53 to top of 56 Romans had Kingships in the beginning o Similarities and differences to king that we think of today Kingship was lifelong Somehow an elected office, how this occurs not entirely sure, some kind of citizen group King was chief priest, chief judge, chief general (as far as we can gather), extraordinary composition of roles to us, but Rome is still a small state Anybody in authority should seek advice including the king from the senate, king is an autocrat, but he would still ask the senate for advice although he did not have to take it o Citizen assembly, did not have a role on its own King would call upon when he wanted encouragement for his decision – expected majority response Some sense of citizen participation o 7 kings (7 hills), some were Etruscan 510 B.C. last of those kings is kicked out and the citizen body is fed up with kingship set up an alternative form of state o Want an anti-monarchy type of state, minimalist form of state – don’t want the state interfering in their lives very much o Does not have a permanent, active authority o Respublica – object or entity, in the public interest, “our state, in our interest” o All this is not written down, no written constitution, custom and practice play a big role – important to bear in mind that this can shift in time
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Roman History Notes 3 - Roman History Notes 3 BGT pp 40-51...

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