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phil notes 2.25 - Locke 9 reminds us that individuals are...

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Locke 9 - reminds us that individuals are going to leave the state of nature to protect their lives, only reason they are going to join government is to protect their property (body, health, material possessions) - moral obligation to our families, given enough education so we feel this toward everyone in society - individuals who cannot protect their property must leave the state of nature - state of nature lacks 1) written down, understandable law; 2)??? Lack of a judge??, 3) power to back and support a sentence of a judge monarchy – really isn’t going to be the best, legislative and executive power can’t be help in the same hands, need at least a few elected representatives some sort of representative system – ultimate purpose of legislative branch – make laws that preserve society/protect property 11 - what the limits of this legislative power might be, problems with state of nature, not fixed laws that everyone knows about so legislative must function with fixed
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