philosphy2.4 - -If we are to seek peace we need to give up...

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Why are human beings equal? 13 - Appears that those have more power were more “equal” than others - But he argues that nature makes men so equal, p. 74 - Weakest has enough strength to kill the stronger - No laws/moral obligations in nature, human nature takes over – equality - Even if someone is stronger, a weaker person can be more clever in order to take them down - 2 types of power, natural, instrumental Class discussion: - Law: erases natural inequalities - Similar physical/mental abilities capacity to improve - Equal capacity to contribute - Self-evident: moral obligation - Religion: all created equal - Ability to reason - p .76 (esp. paragraphs 8+9) - causes of quarrel - competition, security, glory - p. 78, paragraph 14 14 - 19 laws of nature - P. 80 - 1 st law of nature - Seek Peace and Follow it. By all means we can, to defend ourselves. - Reasoning, in state of war we have the right to everything - 2 nd : paragraph 5
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Unformatted text preview: -If we are to seek peace we need to give up all our rights in nature-Men should be contented with the right to give up everything, but requires very particular set of circumstances to carry out second law of nature-Contract: mutual transferring of right-P. 84, paragraph 18-P. 88-Law of nature is for the person to use his own power for the preservation of nature, must be followed with this obligation in mind-Never make covenant to not defend yourself 15-3 rd law of nature -What is justice for Hobbes?-Men perform their covenants made-P. 89, paragraph 2-Justice, performing or not performing a covenant-Nothing really that is just or unjust absolutely – in terms of whether or not you follow your covenants 16-p. 101-artificial/natural persons-artificial persons (political representative of the people)- actions owned by those who they represent...
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philosphy2.4 - -If we are to seek peace we need to give up...

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