FLE 100 - Internet Browser War

FLE 100 - Internet Browser War - Akira Saito FLE 100 Prof...

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Akira Saito FLE 100, Prof. Mordzak November 10 2006 Internet Browser War Invention of the Internet in previous decade enhanced information technology exponentially. The Internet enables population in our time to virtually operate everything needed in our daily lives, buying grocery to managing bank account and talking simultaneously with friends to apply to the college. Of course without any sort of internet browser those tasks can’t be executed. As almost every product has competition which develops the quality of the product, there have been several “Internet Browser Battles” against Internet Explorer created by Microsoft as well. For past decades, Microsoft has been dominating those battles against Netscape (Netscape) and Apple (Safari) (Browsers war, Wikipedia). However since the lunch of Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser, Microsoft was having hard time to come back as it didn’t distribute major upgrade IE 7.0 up until October 16 2006. Even though the major upgrade from Microsoft made IE much better yet Firefox IB’s recent upgrade to Firfox 2.0 was way superior in several ways. The freedom to customize “daily used nifty tool” or internet browser is a key to gain more users. Three main Firefox 2.0 assets which differs from IE were the Installation, out look of the browser, and the security enhancement those two browser offer. Many of the critics on the internet thought time is very important essence of this battle. As many programs may require a reboot and some of them may not, two browsers
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FLE 100 - Internet Browser War - Akira Saito FLE 100 Prof...

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