FLE 101 - Project 3

FLE 101 - Project 3 - Akira Saito FLE 101, Prof. Mordzak...

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Akira Saito FLE 101, Prof. Mordzak November 27, 2007 Project 3: Human Being Necessity to Belong According to a famous founding father of social-psychology Gordon Allport, each individual in our society belongs to several in-groups. He defined in-groups in several ways; some of the in-groups could be hereditary such as race, family, and nation, and some of the in-groups’ membership could be earned as you go through your life like friends’ group, college, and work. He saw in-groups as something individuals are suppose to or automatically possess. Of course hereditary in-groups are something anyone cannot really escape from. However the other in-groups are entirely optional things. In this paper, theory of the in-groups as absolute necessity to the survival as human being will be evaluated. I have fairly big level of satisfaction with the thesis. However the thesis could be incomplete when it comes to explain about the hereditary in-groups. Example from my personal life, the case of mass murder in Virginia Tech in 2007, and the relationship between in-groups and out-groups and their use will be used to support the thesis. There is a saying in Japanese tea ceremony, meeting only once in your life . This saying has been how I’ve been behaving for good five to six years. The saying essential means an individual should treat every tea ceremony as if you’ll host only once in your life. What really means is that individual should be behaving in best way at each new encounter with the people because you’ll never know how short you could only spend the time with. The theory generally follows this saying since necessity of
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belonging to most of the in-groups starts with encounter with new groups. In order to survive through or have as much enjoyable and present time as possible, behavior like this or even thinking this way is really important to the human relationship or being a part of in-groups. Thus, most of the time people behave rather pleasing way if they are
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FLE 101 - Project 3 - Akira Saito FLE 101, Prof. Mordzak...

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