FLE 101 - Project 4

FLE 101 - Project 4 - Akira Saito FLE 101, Prof. Mordzak...

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FLE 101, Prof. Mordzak December 1, 2007 PROJECT 4: Consumers’ Choice to Drive the Hybrid Car and its Effect on Society. There are a lot of cars that get my attention on the road among the ordinary cars; l classic cars, sports cars, and tuned up cars. However, I couldn’t help but notice, and was amazed by the number of, hybrid cars pass by the road opposing to other type of cars in past one and a half year that I have lived in United States. I was very pleased by the fact thatout of four types of the cars, hybrid cars caught my attention, which is really the only environment friendly out four, was the one I’ve seen the most. It’s has been almost ten years since the first hybrid car started running on the road, and now nearly 250,000 American drivers have bought Toyota Prius, best selling hybrid car or the greenest car ever made with average of 55 miles per gallon. Toyota has sold 500,000 in world-wide and has set a goal to sell one million by 2010 (Carr-Ruffino, 2007). There is general notion of the car cost being a little bit too much for a midsize sedan, which was brought up in some random discussion we had in our FLE class before. And this isn’t particularly nice looking car, then why the popularity on the road? These reasons for consumers’ choice to buy the hybrid car and its effect to the community will be analyzed in this essay by retrieving various scholarly journal articles. In order to truly know whether hybrid car is worth the cost and the bad looks over very efficient energy consumption, comparing to the conventional vehicle with internal combustion engine, Swiss researchers conducted a research focusing on 2 rebound effects. Rebound effects are the effects which could possibly counteract the good aspect of positive
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FLE 101 - Project 4 - Akira Saito FLE 101, Prof. Mordzak...

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