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The Rising of the Moon Assignment

The Rising of the Moon Assignment - is Irish is a...

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Eric Sheerin DRAM 115 Assignment 1 -Who is the protagonist in “The Rising of the Moon”? The protagonist in “The Rising of the Moon” is ironically the rebel ballad singer. The key antagonist is the Sergeant. The Sergeant has adopted the values of his British oppressors and he has become one of them. The rebel ballad singer is a resistance-fighter, protecting the fate of the Irish. In the time of the play, Ireland was under English subjugation. The police sergeant, whom
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Unformatted text preview: is Irish, is a representative of English laws and order. He has given up the Republican sentiments of his youth and has become a collaborator with the oppressor. The ballad singer is a freedom fighter, whose actions take place outside the law, making him the protagonist. He essentially lives to preserve Irish freedom....
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