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Misanthrope Assignment - attention She is also careless...

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Eric Sheerin Dram 115 Misanthrope Assignment Alceste- Alceste’s one major trait is his insistence to always tell the truth, despite what others may want to hear. Because of this, Celimene becomes Alceste’s greatest source of agony; Alceste recognizes that love is his weakness and that he cannot reject Celimene, even though he hates her behavior. Alceste’s character flaw is his love for the vain Celimene. This prevents him from getting what he wants; the truth and a perfect human nature. Celimene-She represents the opposite of Alceste. She is young, energetic, charmful, witty, and in a sense, naughty. Celimene’s character flaw is her love to gossip and remain the center of
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Unformatted text preview: attention. She is also careless. Celimenes gossip eventually haunts her in the end of the play when the suitors find a letter she has written that makes fun of their faults. Because of this, the suitors desert her and she no longer gets what she wants (the center of attention). Oronte- He wants to have an integral part in society. He cares very much about how other people think of him. He is in love with Celimene. Orontes character flaw is his pride. Because of Oronte’s pride, he abandons Celimene after she insults him. His character flaw (pride) prevents him from getting what he wants (Celimene)....
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