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Assignment 1-Sp08

Assignment 1-Sp08 - On the second sheet mark out the...

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LAR 221-582a Spring 2008 Assignment 1 ANALYSIS OF YOUR HOME Due Tuesday January 15 1. Create a diagram Material: 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper. Pencils. Markers. Draw a plan diagram of your home beginning from where you consider the point of entry (driveway, sidewalk, etc.). Diagram spaces indoors and outdoors noting significant features, relative size (or your impression of relative size, you don’t have to measure, but you may if you wish), windows, doors, major furniture, obstacles and equipment in relation to each other. The diagram does not have to be to scale and should be a diagram, not a realistic picture. Think of an architectural floor plan as your model. 2. Analyze the physical layout. Make two copies of your drawing. On the first sheet, mark the privacy gradient of your home—public spaces, semi-public space, and private space. (Hint: shading and/or using colors work well to make this clear. Provide a key or labels so others can read the diagram).
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Unformatted text preview: On the second sheet, mark out the functional areas and what you do there. This might look light bubbles sketched onto the map—one bubble around your desk for “work,” one around your bed for “rest,” etc. Each space on your diagram may serve more than one function—you might eat and work at your kitchen table, for example. 3. Analyze what your home says about you Think about the Clare Cooper Marcus reading for today’s class in which she talks about our homes as symbolic representations of ourselves. What does your house say about you? Write a page or so to answer this question. Try to give specific examples (“the family pictures on my table show the importance of my connection to my sisters and brothers,” “the heavy curtains on the windows show my desire for privacy and my reserve toward other people”). This may take a bit of thinking, but you might be surprised at what your living space says about you!...
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