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LAR 221-582a Spring 2008 Assignment 2: COGNITIVE MAPS Due Tuesday January 22 Your assignment is to create a rich cognitive map of an important place in your life-— your hometown, a place you vacationed each year (but not NC State). You can do a small town, a city neighborhood, a meaningful unit that is big enough to show a variety of spaces but that is small enough to show some detail. Close your eyes and try to move through this place in your imagination. You may want to pretend you are taking a walk through town, or follow your route over the course of a normal day. You could also imagine you are trying to explain the place to someone who's thinking of visiting—how would you orient them? What important places/objects should they expect to see? Minimum Size: 11” x 17”, you can use larger paper if you prefer. Material: You can draw, collage, use Photoshop but always use your imagination. Bring a printed copy to the class. The result should be easy to read, show specific places and paths, and give us an idea
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