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Qs '08 Geertz - which, taken as a fact of nature, is rage...

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Cultural Anthropology Spring Semester 2008 Question 1 -How do cocks symbolize men? Include in your answer The Day of Silence and develop your own metaphors. Question 2- Why were cockfights outlawed? (Consider the classical representation of the cockfight and compare this to the position held by the nation-state). Question 3 - In analyzing the cockfight, Geertz uses Bentham’s concept of ‘deep play’. What does this mean? And, what results does Geertz derive from this approach? Question 4 - How does the cockfight reflect the village (Tihingan in the Klungkung region of southeast Bali) as a sociological entity? (Use Geertz’s notion of a sociological entity, see page 424 and the paragraph beginning, “This crosswise doubleness of an event
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Unformatted text preview: which, taken as a fact of nature, is rage untrammeled and, taken as a fact of culture, is form perfected, defines the cockfight as a sociological entity (424)). Question 5- What is the significance of the cockfight if winning makes little ultimate difference in ones fortune or in changing ones status? Question 6-What does Geertz mean when he says, The slaughter in the cock ring is not a depiction of how things literally are among men, but, what is almost worse, of how, from a particular angle, they imaginatively are (446)? Question 7-What does Geertz mean by text? How can a cockfight be viewed as a text? Consider emotions and something about peoples perception of time in your answer....
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