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LAR221-582U. Assignment 3 LAR 221-582a Spring 2008 Assignment 3: ENVIRONMENTAL PREFERENCES EXPRESSED THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHS Due Thursday January 31 Your assignment is to bring a set of six black and white photographs approximately 3.5in x 4.5in printed on regular white paper . Cut them to create a set of six individual photographs. Label them on the back with your name. Photographs should be landscape format. What type of photographs to choose Photographs should be of rural, suburban, and urban settings (two of each). You can choose from photographs you might have taken during the holidays, study abroad trip, from your home town, or the surrounding region.
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Unformatted text preview: Type of photograph. Review the drawings shown by the Kaplans in the book With People in Mind, Chapter 2. Some Human Characteristics. (pp.7-16) and the photographs from Chapter 6, The Green Experience by Rachel Kaplan in Humanscape (both chapters are in ClassStore and the reserve shelf in the library). Pay attention to the scale and the distance at which the photographs were taken (almost all of them show environments that would accommodate a group of people). Avoid close-ups as they don’t allow you to see the context. In-class exercise We will use the photographs in class to identify environmental preferences working in small groups....
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