Chapter 23

Chapter 23 - Chapter 23 An American Empire “Empire,...

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Chapter 23 An American Empire “Empire, Trade, and Glory” 04/02/2008 14:57:00 Review of Farm Problems and Agrarian Revolt falling commodity prices, little bargaining power farmers turned to politics – The Grange Movement, Farmers’ Alliance Colored Farmers’ Alliance met secretly – peak of Jim Crow laws – cotton strike in 1891, met by lynching process of politicization of the farmers democrats and republicans were doing nothing to help the farmers Populist Party – founded in 1892 – promised to return government to the plain people – sought to involve urban laborers by promoting an 8-hour workday – ban on Pinkerton detectives Bread Givers – due Feb. 18 open note, open book; bring blue books Imperialism implies colonization countries used other countries economically exploitation opening markets for imperialist powers branches off of social Darwinism; we see others as uncivilized and it is our duty to civilize those weaker nations promoted Christianity to other nations originally the U.S. didn’t start out as an imperialist nation; throughout the 19 th century, most Americans had little interest in foreign affairs – but consider expansions like Alaska and other westward expansions Monroe Doctrine created in 1823 under President Monroe European powers would no longer interfere with the affairs of the
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Chapter 23 - Chapter 23 An American Empire “Empire,...

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