hw2-sln.pdf - ME 5613 Advanced Fluid Mechanics Homework#2 2016 Due by 6pm September 18 1 Suppose is a vector is a scalar and is a unit vector Use

hw2-sln.pdf - ME 5613 Advanced Fluid Mechanics Homework#2...

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ME 5613: Advanced Fluid Mechanics 2016 Tensor Algebra and Kinematics Page 1 Homework #2 Due by 6pm, September 18 1.Suppose 𝐴is a vector, 𝜙 is a scalar, and 𝑛̂is a unit vector. Use indicial notation to show (a)⃗⃗ 3.Consider a coordinate system 𝑂𝑥1𝑥2𝑥3with base vectors ?(i=1,2,3). Let a second coordinate system be represented by the base vectors ?(i=1,2,3) with the following transformation law 3. (a)find 1in terms of . (b)find the orthogonal transformation matrix C (c)express the vector 𝑢⃗⃗ = −6?̂1− 3?̂2+ ?̂3in terms of the new set of basis vectors ? .
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