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Michael Boger History 251 Prof. Brewer Discussion 2-page Paper Dorothea Dix’s Illustration During the first half of the 19 th century, Americans experienced many changes within their society. The reform movements made by significant people during the time can be generalized as one of those changes. Of these reform movements, the status of the insane population became one of the prominent concerns within the general public. The leader of this movement was a woman named Dorothea Dix, an idealistic Unitarian schoolteacher, who brought a large amount of attention to this issue. Within Dix’s petition of the Massachusetts Legislature (1843), a horrid depiction of the current conditions endured by the mentally ill captured the public’s attention and directed it towards a topic in need of much modification. While viewing the present conditions of the mentally ill in America, Dix strived to persuade society into having sympathy. Her messages in reference to this issue often contained descriptions that would motivate its listeners into wanting to help the mentally ill. An example
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Dorothea Dix - Michael Boger History 251 Prof Brewer...

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