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The New World - The New World History 127 H Green Jarrette...

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The New World History 127 H. Green Jarrette Pittman (7109-12181)
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Captain Christopher Newport : Tonight we shall sleep aboard our ships, everyone in full armor. In the morning, we will chop down every tree within half a mile of the moorage, and use the straightest limbs to erect a line of watchtowers and to build our fort. When we have done that, we set our wheat and barley, put up houses and lay in firewood. Slackers will be whipped at the sight of their transgression. Emery : Sir. Captain Christopher Newport : Yes, Emery? Emery : When might we, uh, be going out to. .. poke about, sir? Captain Christopher Newport : We are not here to pillage and raid. We are here to establish a colony.” -the New World The aforementioned quote seems to be not only the epitome of the movie from which it was taken (‘The New World’) but the concept of the movie altogether. In laymen’s terms, while the movie ‘the New World’ by director Terrence Malick has good intentions, it seems to be filled with several inaccuracies and erroneous claims. While most parts of the movie uphold an accurate portrait of history, some of the movie’s major concepts seemed to be tweaked for commercial and Hollywood purposes. In the following essay, I will give my review of the movie ‘The New World’ while also bringing attention to the movies “hits and misses” as far inaccuracies and proper portrayals through a historical scope. In terms of its significance to History 127, the New World gives In the very beginning of the story, there is a scene where John Smith is almost executed by fellow Englanders. It was said that John Smith was a trouble maker on the ship on its cruise to the New World and Captain Chris Newport decided that as soon as the boat arrived, he would have John Smith executed. But according to “upon first landing at what is now Cape Henry on April 26, 1607, sealed orders from the
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The New World - The New World History 127 H Green Jarrette...

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