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ResponsePaper - raising a nation are any better or worst...

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Jarrette Pittman Response Paper History 127 Recitation 4/13/2007 I found this week's reading in Davidson to be very interesting. I found it almost difficult to decide on one single topic that struck me to be the most intriguing. Personally, the concept of migrating West covers several key terms and ideologies that strike me as the epitome of what America stands for. Ever since early settlers from Britain migrated to "the New World", America has felt a sense of individuality that has rolled over into superiority. I remember in high school thinking that the idea of "Manifest Destiny" was a wonderful idea. I figured that it would be only proper for a prosperous and up-and- coming nation such as America spread its democratic and economic success to the rest of the world. But after more years of research and Thursday's lecture, it seems almost too convenient and imperialistic to figure that you're ideals and concepts of doing things and
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Unformatted text preview: raising a nation are any better or worst than another nation of people despite how much success is involved. Although we did not get a chance to discuss it in depth in class, I found the idea of the Overland Trail to almost heartbreaking. Although I realize that some who migrated found the West and eventually found success, my heart was broken as I heard the stories of people dying of cholera and being abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Economic gain is the staple of American democracy, so to hear innocent families being broken in pursuit of it questions the entire concept. ..was it worth it? I think I would be just as happy in North Carolina with a very modest income as opposed to migrating west and risking diseases and other possible unforeseen fatal circumstances....
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