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Changing Stages Movie Notes - CHANGING STAGES "America"...

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CHANGING STAGES “America” 3/23/07 American Theatre: 1950’s to the “Golden Age” 1. Eugene O’Neill Wrote Ah! Wilderness o Opposite of what a family is like o Happy Saddest play ever written: A Long Day’s Journey Into Night o Successful on Broadway o Put American working class onstage; black characters American Dream was his first success (on Broadway?) His plays have a lot of gloom Hypnotic Playwright of depression Born on Broadway Father in Count of Monte Cristo Mother – addict Never escaped childhood – alcoholism, depression 2. A Long Day’s Journey Into Night Saddest play ever written Eugene O’Neill Won Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1957 3. The Iceman Cometh About addiction Set in bar (lowest) One of Eugene O’Neill’s finest works Performed on Broadway 4. Ah! Wilderness By Eugene O’Neill Happy play
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Eugene’s only true comedy Coming of age Broadway musical 5. THE AMERICAN DREAM Country is always working against disaster that’s about to occur Capitalism Meritocracy 6. Federal Theatre Project Arthur Miller – writer Developed from “New Deal” Gave bonuses to theatres to try to help unemployed actors Formed during the Great Depression 7. Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman The Crucible Fiancé: Marilyn Monroe American Dream 8. Orson Welles’ MacBeth Film director Directed MacBeth on film Under Federal theatre (all black version) 9. The Group Theatre Staged 22 new plays Many written by Clifford Odets 10. Show Boat Geon Kern and Oscar Hammerstein
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Changing Stages Movie Notes - CHANGING STAGES "America"...

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