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drama 20th century-on notes - Nineteenth-Century D rama...

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Unformatted text preview: Nineteenth-Century D rama through the Tu rn of the Twentieth Century p. 689-701 Technological I nnovations • Gas lights • Elaborate scenery • “fourth wall” became more pronounced Romantic D rama • Democracy and personal liberation • Closet Drama : a play meant to be read but not produced • Romantic dramas were not very successful in Britain Melodrama • “melo” – song • Started as spoken dialogues with accompanying music – background music was altered according to the mood of the scene • Well-defined heroes, heroines, and villains • Strong emotional appeal • Clear-cut endings The Well-Made Play • Eugene Scribe • Elements: o Exposition (with secrets to be revealed later) o Surprises o Suspense o Climax (secrets revealed) o Denouement (Loose ends tied together) • Emphasis on plot • Superficial The Rise of Realism • Limelight, electric lighting • More elaborate, accurate to period clothing • More lifelike scenery, lighting, and costumes • More contemporary and believable circumstances • Naturalism : a philosophy demanding that drama avoid the artificiality of a convoluted plot, and urging a drama of natural, lifelike action o Emile Zola o No twists, surprises, or suspense o Associated with the darker side of life • Realism : the literary philosophy holding that art should accurately reproduce an image of life. Avoids dramatic conventions such as asides and soliloquies. Depicts ordinary people in ordinary situations....
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drama 20th century-on notes - Nineteenth-Century D rama...

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