epic theatre, brecht, beckett

epic theatre, brecht, beckett - Drama 116 Classnotes 3 1 We...

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Drama 116 Classnotes 3 1) We watched a weird video by Beckett that involved strange people in pots. 2) In 1961, Martin Esslin, a British critic, wrote a book called the Theatre of the Absurd about trends in the post-World War II theatre. a) He used the label to describe new theatrical ways of looking at existence b) The theatre of the Absurd shows the world as an incomprehensible place 3) Absurdist drama i) Where is the realism? Is it there? Yes, it is. You need that realism for the absurdism to work. ii) It is odd, and it was a new form of theatre that we had never experienced before this time. iii) Emotional identification with the characters is replaced by a puzzled critical attention. iv) For a while the happenings on stage are absurd, they yet remain recognizable as somehow related to real life with its absurdity, so that eventually the spectators are brought face to face with the irrational side of their existence. 4) Samuel Beckett a) He made the break through in dramatic form by presenting, without comment or moral judgement, situations showing life’s irrationality i) Unrecognizable plots ii) Mechanical characters iii) Situations resembling dreams and nightmares iv) Incoherent dialogue 5) Absurdist playwrights begin with the premise that our world is absurd, meaning irrational incongruous and senseless. 6) Eugene Ionesco
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epic theatre, brecht, beckett - Drama 116 Classnotes 3 1 We...

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