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World Lit II 08/29/13 Journal #1: Introduction/Basho After reading the introduction, it provided worldwide historical insight in a variety of areas including geographical, political, theological, and educational. These areas were subject to an abundance of transition, alteration, and intervention. Thus, J.M. Roberts’ statement, “the era of world history” in my opinion embodied the time period of 1650-1850 perfectly. The contradiction between what was characterized as the “Enlightenment Period”, a time of reason and observation with the simultaneous occurrence of the slave trade frustrated me. The text portrayed the period of Enlightenment “laws governing ‘moral subjects’… such as knowledge, belief, the passions, justice, and goodness… human beings could learn to live together more harmoniously” (pg 17). In contrast, the slave trade embodied the total opposite of what this time period stood for. It was identified by the inhumane practice of “owning” another human being, torture, strenuous labor with horrible conditions, starvation and death.
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