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Course Syllabus Global History since 1750: WOH 2022 History Department CAS, University of South Florida Instructor: Dr. Darcie Fontaine Email : [email protected] Teaching Assistants : Michael Swierczynski Email : [email protected] Blake Lorenz Email : [email protected] Term: Winter Intersession, 2018 Dates: December 11, 2017-January 4, 2018 Course Credits : 3 credits Location : Off campus/Online Course Prerequisites : None I. Instructor Contact Information and Communication Your primary mode of communication with the instructor and teaching assistants will be through email. You can use either the Canvas messaging system or contact us directly at our USF email addresses. We will respond within 24 hours. If you have not heard from us in 24 hours, you may feel free to send another message. However, if it has only been 4 hours and one of us has not responded, it could be that we are occupied and cannot access email. Plan ahead in your preparation so that you are not contacting us about assignments at the very last minute! Although we all live in the digital age and are engaged in an online course, communication etiquette and professionalism are still essential. In your email and online correspondence with your instructor and other students, please remember that you are essentially writing a letter, not a text message. As a general rule, professors and teaching assistants will respond much more positively to you if you address them with professionalism and respect, as opposed to just writing “hey” in either the subject line or the greeting (I am speaking from experience here). II. Second Day Attendance Policy To meet the requirement for the USF First Day Attendance Policy and remain enrolled in the course, you will need to complete the Syllabus Quiz in Module 0 by the second day of the course, Tuesday, December 12, 2017 . Students who do not complete the quiz will risk being dropped from the course. III. Course Description This course offers an introduction to the major themes and events in modern global history from 1750 to the present. Unlike courses that focus on the history of a specific country or region of the world, this course will explore the interconnected nature of peoples, ideas, goods, commerce, and events across the entire globe. Through an examination of the Atlantic Revolutions of the eighteenth century, the Industrial Revolutions of the nineteenth century, the rise and fall of global imperialism, two massive world wars and a global cold war, and the increasingly globalized nature of economics, diseases, technology, and political affairs in the modern era, this course will ask us to consider the relationship of individuals and their local affairs to the wider world. Through a wide range of primary sources such as diaries, newspaper articles, letters, political treatises, novels, and films, we will explore how humans across the world experienced
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