Separation by Immaterial Causation

Separation by Immaterial Causation - Phi 340 Separation by...

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Unformatted text preview: Phi 340 3-28-07 Separation by Immaterial Causation Some theists to whom I've presented the No Interaction Argument have found it the troubling because, they realize, it raises questions about the interaction of divine, as well as human, minds with the physical world.- if a nonphysical human mind cannot cause changes in the body it somehow inhabits, how can a purely spiritual, nonphysical being - for example the God of the main Western religious traditions - cause changes in the physical universe? Separation by Immaterial Causation Religion says that changes in nonphysical objects cause changes in physical objects, but Science does not. Unlike Separation by Explanation, this proposal does not imply an essential religious reliance on noncausal explanation; instead the difference between religion and science depends on a difference between two sorts...
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