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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4 Nature and Society Overview This chapter focuses on the relationship between human beings and their environment, with technology as a mediating force between them. An important point is that the environment, as nature, must be viewed as a social concept or construction as well as the physical universe. As a social construction, the idea or interpretation of nature may vary across different cultures and societal groups. Moreover, this understanding of nature may change over time. We should be aware that the Western understanding of nature, largely derived from the Judeo-Christian religious tradition, is only one of many possible ways of understanding and making sense of nature. The remainder of the chapter traces the interaction between society and nature in selected cultures. The chapter looks at the transformation of the environment by early humans, before turning to more recent interactions. Among the most influential of these was the Columbian Exchange, or interaction between the Americas and the other continents as part of the conquest and settlement of the...
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