Outline_3_class - surface representation(allophones –...

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1) Syllable Structure syllable onset rhyme nucleus coda 2) Contrast phoneme (phonemic transcription) minimal pairs contrastive distribution (phonemic – Clark/Lois, pants in different outfits) 3) Variation allophone (phonetic transcription) complementary distribution (allophonic – Clark Kent/Superman, shoes/pants) underlying representation (the phoneme – most environments – “elsewhere”)
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Unformatted text preview: surface representation (allophones – specific, limited environment) 4) Solving Phonological Problems 1. Look for and list any minimal pairs. 2. Make environment lists (if there are no minimal pairs). 3. State the distribution type (either contrastive or complementary). 4. Write a rule (if complementary). 5) Rule Writing /a/ [b] / X ___ Y Or, in prose, describe by features. 6) Some English Rules aspiration velarization flapping reduction syllabification deletion epenthesis...
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Outline_3_class - surface representation(allophones –...

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