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1-24-08 Geography Notes

1-24-08 Geography Notes - transformed regional geographies...

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The modern world system has evolved through several distinctive stages. The new technologies of the  Industrial Revolution  brought about the evergence of global  economic system. Places      and regions  are part of a world-system. Today the world-system is highly structured and is charactericzed by three tiers: core  regions, semiperipheral   regfions, and peripheral  regions.   The growth and internal colonization of the core regions      could take place only by the  colonization of the periphery. The successive technological innovations  have transformed regional innovations have 
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Unformatted text preview: transformed regional geographies. • Globalization has intensified the differences between the core and the periphery. The seats of world Empires: • The Islamic caliphates • The Byzantine Empire • The Chinese Empire • Indian Kingdoms Characteristics : well-established civilizations, with urban systems- -Regional trade-Military protection EUROPE 3 rd Wave of Industrialization • 1790-1850 • 1850-1870 • 1870-1914: London- Paris- Berlin “ a core-within-a core”...
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